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gaeta_dee's Journal

A Gaeta/Dee 'Shipper Community

Love In the CIC
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A Gaeta/Dee 'Shipper Community
Yet another 'shipper community in the BSG vein for all those who think the canon pairing of Felix Gaeta/Anastasia Dualla is WAY OVERDUE.

We are under no illusions as to which direction the show will probably go, but we like our fun anyway. This isn't a place to argue, this is the place to squee, smut and sigh happily.

Are they star-crossed humans? Wickedly sexy Cylons? Rulers of the universe?

Who knows? We'd believe they'd be perfect together no matter what.

Stay on topic, be polite and post early and often. Any questions or problems, I'm at lexluvsclark@gmail.com.