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Fic Auction for a fan in need ...

Some kind folks here bid on my fic for help-japan, so I thought I'd offer this here to help a good fandom friend of mine -- enkiduts who is currently unemployed and has discovered she owes a large amount in property and income taxes this year. (Which, as you know, isn't like any other creditor ... the IRS *will* get you.)

I'm offering Gaeta/Dee fic of 500+ words starting at $5 a bid. The auction bidding runs until the 26th and will probably not be as competitive as Help Japan was.

Also, if anyone has anything to offer the community or can perhaps spread the word around about it, it would be greatly appreciated. Lisa is a lovely person who deserves a break if we can gain her one. Thank you!

The community is hlpfrmfrnds and My Fic Thread Is Here

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