January 19th, 2009

Fixit drabble

For bsg_100, plus the fixit challenge. (Edit: anyone should feel free to use this for a longer piece. I shouldn't have even spent the time for 100 words...)

Title: Pertinacity
Author: prophetkristy
Characters: Cottle, Gaeta, Dee (Gaeta/Dee?)
Rating: teen
Spoilers: "Sometimes a Great Notion"
Prompt: Changes
Note: Felix won't let me into his head except in AU-land.

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Untitled Fix-It Fic (Post "Sometimes A Great Notion")

I haven't titled this fix-it fic. It was meant to be drawer fic but prophetkristy convinced me to share. It's as AU and self-indulgent as can be, but hey, I'm forgiven a little self-indulgence now and then, aren't I? Oh, and Gaeta/Hoshi are still canon in this but there's enough Gaeta/Dee love here to view things any way you like.

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And remember, the Fix-It fic challenge is still on! GO FORTH AND DENY! ;)