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Fic Auction for a fan in need ...

Some kind folks here bid on my fic for help-japan, so I thought I'd offer this here to help a good fandom friend of mine -- enkiduts who is currently unemployed and has discovered she owes a large amount in property and income taxes this year. (Which, as you know, isn't like any other creditor ... the IRS *will* get you.)

I'm offering Gaeta/Dee fic of 500+ words starting at $5 a bid. The auction bidding runs until the 26th and will probably not be as competitive as Help Japan was.

Also, if anyone has anything to offer the community or can perhaps spread the word around about it, it would be greatly appreciated. Lisa is a lovely person who deserves a break if we can gain her one. Thank you!

The community is hlpfrmfrnds and My Fic Thread Is Here
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FIC: When the Water Runs Dry

I've been lurking (shamefully) for a while now. This is my very first Dee/Felix fic so I hope you like it!

Author: GeekByNight

Beta: Tin O Biscuits

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica 2004

Characters: Anastasia Dualla

Pairing: Felix/Dee
Timeline: Takes place during season 3 after the cylons take New Caprica

Rating: MA

Warning: Language, Strong Sexual Content

Summary: It wasn’t that she wasn’t in the mood. Quite the contrary, she was very much in the mood.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or make any money from these writings. These characters belong to David Eick, Ron Moore and the Sci-Fi channel

They were, after all, bridge bunnies and stamina was mandatory.

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It's been pretty dead in here. I know the show is over and all but there is still love out there for Geata and Dee. So hopefully everyone has seen the final and all... How did you feel about the last scenes with Geata and Dee. Did you feel the shift in the ship crew and Gaeta. Just hoping to breath some life back in this awesome journal.
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The Observation Deck Challenge #2

Since the last one worked out so beautifully, these are three impromptu prompts pulled from "The Observation Deck - A Writer's Toolkit" by Naomi Epel.

Related drabbles, fics or graphics starring Gaeta/Dee are very welcome. Use one, use a few, use all ... just as long as it's Gaeta/Dee oriented, it's good.

Prompt 1: "Eavesdrop."

Prompt 2: "Find the music."

Prompt 3: "Observe a ritual."

Mmmm. #3 sounds like a wedding to me. I always wondered how Colonial marriages might have been performed.

FIC: Sacred Space

This was much too long in coming, I know. Actually, most was written on the bus last term; I was finally able to finish it this week while my students were taking an exam. }:>

Title: Sacred Space
Author: prophetkristy
Characters: Gaeta/Dee; Laird (briefly)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: vague season 3 references. Time setting indeterminate; sometime before the Demetrius mission debacle
Summary: they lose much more sleep to late-night talking than they do from lovemaking
Note: Inspired by anonymousblu's astonishing creation for the gaeta_dee "Sacred Space" challenge. I stole some phrases from her description. Sorry it took me so long to write this, chica.

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Flash Drabble Challenge!

Come on! 100 Gaeta/Dee 'centric words in a flash based on the picture below. Can be any kind of fic - canon, AU, denial, anything you like, as many as you'd like.

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Put them in the comments and I'll add my own in a few minutes. Come on folks ... give the pretty some ficlove.
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